If you are an amazing, amusing, curious, humorous, remarkable, unique weirdo, you’ve got a perfect friend for you. High five, buddy!
I’m a weirdo and amusing too, I guess. Admitting it in the beginning itself. And of course, a rare endangered species. Why do I call myself a weirdo? Because at times I cannot keep my mouth shut. I just keep asking – Why can’t things be like that or like this? Why does everyone do the same things? Why can’t people let other live their lives? …… It goes on and on and on. And this makes people give me the tag ‘weirdo’. [P.S. I don’t stop arguing till the other person gives up! 😉 ]
This, of course leads to the name of the blog – MY LOUD MOUTH.
Can anything be more appropriate? Here, you would come across all those queer and extraordinary thoughts floating about in my head……..

13 thoughts on “MY LOUD MOUTH TALKING…..

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