Caste? Please, no…

One of the school office staff came into the classroom while we were practicing for the English skit. He called my name and told, “You must collect your lump sum grant within the next four days.”

As soon as he went out, a group member of mine asked in a pitiable tone, “Are you a SC?”

Scheduled Caste/SC/Dalit – the ascribed status which gets embedded in a group of people from the moment they take our first breath in this world. Centuries ago, someone conceptualized the ugly caste system. No advancements brought any positive change to it. Rather, I would say, they deteriorated the whole condition.

You said our skin is not pure. But how can you know the purity of my skin unless you to touch it?

You said we aren’t worthy enough to study. We don’t have the skills. But how can you know unless you give us a chance to show it ?

You said we aren’t competent enough to govern the country. But how can you know when you yourselves are the only ones who are allowed?

You go on complaining about the reservation system in the education field. Only when you give a second thought would you understand that if reservation wasn’t there, the so-called lower castes will forever be in the dark and the world – dominated by the so-called higher castes.

In central-government funded higher education institutions, 22.5% of available seats are reserved for Scheduled Caste (SC) and Scheduled Tribe (ST) students (7.5% for STs, 15% for SCs).

77.5 seats are available to the other castes. But you just want to make it look like we just consume all benefits. However, give heed to the fact that there are hundreds of desolate and oppressed Dalits living in rural areas still bereft of these opportunities.

Surely all those fortunate to get into the educational institutions would have gone through some type of discrimination. May be, at least a look of detest or totally ignored to false charges and physical abuses. Although many manage to escape the clutches of evil, few give up their lives.

Gazing up the sky tonight, I saw a star shining bright and knew Rohith Vemula was there.

I looked at my classmate in the eye and said, “YES”. It was a mixture of broken pride, sadness and anger. But I knew this tag doesn’t define what I am.




15 thoughts on “Caste? Please, no…

  1. I heard about it with my Indian office friend in NZ. She explain briefly what it is and yes what a terrible way of discrimination. Can the majority of people vote against it not to have it anymore? or it is more complicated that it sounds?


    • Discrimination based on caste is actually prohibited by Indian constitution but caste system is rooted in every Indian mind that it would be very hard to get away with it.
      I had once asked my father why can’t people vote against it or remove the system from the society forever. But what he said gave me a feeling that it is nearly an impossible task. Even now lower castes are oppressed and harassed by the upper castes in some places. And if caste system itself is abolished, they wouldn’t even get the little bit of protection they have right now and would be treated more harshly.


  2. You have discussed an important topic in your blog.I appreciate it.I know many friends who are dalits and who face the same discrimination you mentioned in your post.Its very depressing and totally unfair.I think its high time people realized this is 21st century and that education and talent of a person is more important than his/her caste or colour or the way they look.
    I’m so happy to see this post.Hope it helps change the views of at least a few people.
    Looking forward to more of ur posts Akhila, Keep writing 🙂

    visit me if u can : and help me improve.I have just started blogging.

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