When I Leave You

When I leave you,
Shed no tears;
Cause meet we will one day
In a place better than here.

When I leave you,
Say no goodbye;
Cause goodbyes signify ends
But it’s no end: for there’s a long road ahead.

When I leave you,
Let no sadness take home in your heart;
Cause sorrow’s got no place in your heart
For it’s the place for love and happiness.

When I leave you,
Think not of my absence;
Think rather what my presence did,
Those moments that makes us special.

Cherish those happy memories,
Keep them close to your heart
And we sure will have
A happy reunion in a better place.


Talking to computers….

If you ask me what is the most difficult thing to talk about, I would say there is nothing unless you are talking to a computer which records everything you say. Trust me! Talking to non-living thing is the worst experience in the world.
I always feel that we feel confident to talk to a person or a group of people just because of their mere presence and their listening ears. When we talk to someone, we look into their eyes and they look into ours and we exchange this positive vibe which is inexplicable. That’s what keeps us going. Even when we are on a stage, quivering with nervousness, we blurt out something or the other (even if it makes no sense) because we can feel the power of the existence of a person in front of us.
When I was in 8th grade, our Hindi teacher decided to make each of us do an impromptu speech each day. Unfortunately or fortunately I was the person on the second day. My name is called. I walk to the front of the class Hear the topic. Starts to speak. It was a time when I had no mastery in the language. Blurted something out for what seemed like infinity. What my teacher told was she was pretty much impressed by my boldness. Well, everyone feels confident when they know nothing. However, if I was fair enough, I would have been deep red by the time I reached my seat. The blood rising and it was getting hotter and hotter. I could feel it. What I wanted to say by the incident cited above is that I was able to talk because of the presence of my classmates and teacher.
Last Saturday, I took an English test required for studies abroad where the whole test was on the computer. There are advantages, I agree. But then, the speaking section. Oh! Come on, how can anyone evaluate someone’s communication skills by what he/she tells to a computer as a reply to a recorded question. When you look at the screen, what do you see? A blank screen. And what does a blank screen bring to your mind? Anxiety. How can a nervous, anxious person speak confidently to a blank screen knowing that no one’s on the other end? We are not youtubers or anything. That positive connection is missing. Without this positive connection transmitted from our eyes communication can never be successful.
I don’t actually know whether I’m talking sense or not. Tell me below if you feel there really is a positive vibe.
Or else it may be just my hangover of messing up the speaking section very badly in the English proficiency test.