A cry – Poem


The first thing my eyes ever saw
Was my mother’s face
But the first euphony that reached my ears
Was of gunshots and explosions.
All I got to see was guns and bombs,
Held by men with red cold eyes
Whose mere sight left me trembling with fear.
Came a God sent flicker of hope-
A new life in a land far away across the seas.
Middle of the oceans where none saw no land
My thoughts wandered into the depths,
What wrong have we DONE?
All the tears we shed can make up an ocean
But so busy is the world
To take a peek at our helpless state.
There! There is the land!
And we got off
Not knowing the hurdles waiting for us.

Here is a painting I stumbled upon on the Internet. It is a heartbreaking painting of Aylan by Gunduz Aghayev.



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