It All Started with a Kiss and Ended with a Kiss

He didn’t know what was to come,
All he knew was He would have to endure pain.
She too didn’t know,
Just knew it would sting.

They were joined by a kiss.
An unforeseen bliss
In their anticipated sore life.
And there started their joyful life.

She waited for His touch each day.
He looked forward to Her feel every day.
Neither was complete without the other.
For their master too, needed them both.

The pain of being sharpened never bothered Him,
As long as He could be with Her.
And she too bore the scars of the stings proudly,
For they were symbols of true love.

But, their master wasn’t so pleased.
She was the first to go, rumpled into a ball.
Shortly came He, so small, so cannot be used.
But they were together.

In those last moments,
His tip was close to Her,
She could feel the sting, their last kiss,
In the bittersweet story of love
Between a pencil and a paper.



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