Being an Indian, for me, the all-time most dreadful time of year, summer – has ended. And the relaxing rainfalls are halfway through. But this year, the summer was worse than ever and the rainfalls were not in the least relaxing.
Why? The answer is obvious, isn’t it? GLOBAL WARMING!


Difference in temperature on Earth

We are accustomed to hearing and seeing this word profusely. So, I find a need to give complete information of what global warming and climate change is. For a bit more than a decade these very words were used while conducting discussions, while doing numerous projects, and we all have read and written beaucoup articles and essays on this. And I have done this for who-knows-how-many-times. And the result – NOTHING POSITIVE]
Many of the solutions may seem a bit irksome in today’s materialistic world. Giving a break to our SUVs or sedans and using the public transport may be a very big appalling idea. Whatever has to be done in paper, we keep on doing and doing till it’s satisfactory to us giving no heed to how many sheets of paper have gone into the dust bin. It’s same in printing too. But, somewhere I feel this is reason can be considered a bit reasonable. Nevertheless, the amount of paper making way to the dustbin should be brought down. Let’s promote organic farming. Already there is a lot of things decreasing our lifespan, why add chemicals in food in it? And plastics, come on man! Can anyone imagine a life with plastic? Everyone, including me, may have one or other reason for not being able to do much. It’s the truth.
There’s one thing, an extremely noble, awesome, cool, green plan – PLANT A TREE. Sounds effortless, right? I just found out it’s not that simple. After being boiled in sweat under 40o-45o Celsius heat for 2-3 months and cursing the rain for being two weeks late and making life all the more miserable, all I had energy was to say, “I want to plant a tree.”
But then question came up – where to plant the tree?

Give a hug because they really deserve it.

Give a hug because they really deserve it.

Obviously, in Kerala, one of the most populated state in India with population density of about 860/km2, we barely have any open space around the house. So, my backyard (tbh, there’s nothing worth to be called backyard), is crossed out. And, I don’t have like 50 acres of free land much less 5 square meter of land in my name. This leads me think about other options. There are no open free areas on the sides of roads as they are filled with numerous shops and houses; this one too is not possible. Adjacent to roads: there is place but it is not a good idea as it would pose a threat to the travelers. Thinking about planting in other people’s free land, which they have left free for the unwanted plants to grow to their will ; man, the owners won’t let me or anyone in case to do anything there. To sum it up, I can’t find a spot to plant a tree!
There are more than enough places to build skyscrapers, that too after cutting trees, but no place to plant a tree. Dear people, if it’s going to go like this the Mayans-predicted doomsday won’t be far away. We felt the intense heat burning us. We felt the vibrations of the massive earthquakes. We paddled through the flooded waters. All these and many other calamities happened in the first half of 2015 and no one knows what’s in store for us.
Let us hope only the best will happen and for that let us all do something, even if this something is small to make a change. Otherwise, we would soon be saying, “It seems what we all feared would happen in 2012 have been a bit late. And now we’ve got no way out…..”